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Remedy For Indigestion: Dry Ginger Coriander Coffee

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Dry Ginger Coriander Coffee is a traditional South Indian beverage which is very spicy and sweet.India, the land of many religions and cultures, boasts a cuisine that is extremely healthy, therapeutic (anti-cancer etc.) and sustainable for a huge population.

Most Indian foods are prepared using more than 10-15 ingredients and the cooking methods are extremely elaborate, complex and involved. It is also worth mentioning that marination, fermentation, soaking and slow cooking are very common in the Indian cuisine. A cuisine so varied, so deep, so involved, so powerful and so delicious absolutely HAS to be so-bloody-healthy.

Chukku Malli Kappi

Sukku is dry ginger and malli is coriander seeds, hence the name “sukku malli coffee”. It has a rich aroma that even opens nasal blocks that are caused due to cold and give relief to throat infections also.It can be used as very good remedy for slight cold or fever.

An amazing health drink with the goodness of dry ginger and coriander seeds to protect your health and to recover from various illness. Drink it at least twice a week to keep you energized throughout the week and maintain your wellness. Add jaggery/palm jaggery/plam sugar for making it sweeter in a healthy way.

sukku malli coffee
sukku malli coffee


Regular intake of this ginger tea helps people who are anemic as palm jaggery is rich in iron. This tea is also very easy to prepare. Ginger and coriander seeds in this tea are very good for treating all cold and cough related problems and palm jaggery helps in treating anemia. Make it a habit of serving ginger tea along with snacks. It will prevent indigestion and the bloated feeling after eating greasy foods. Also whenever you have an upset stomach, take a cup of this tea.

  • For Indigestion

It is an excellent home remedy for indigestion. It will prevent indigestion and will prevent the bloated feeling in the stomach.

  • For Anemia

If you give young children traditional drinks like this, they will not suffer from anemia as it is made with palm jaggery which is rich in iron and they will also develop a taste for traditional drinks instead of drinking harmful cola drinks.

  • For Cold

This coffee is very comforting to drink when we have cold and it also helps if we suffer from chest congestion.

How to Prepare


Coriander seeds – 2 tsp
Dry ginger – 1/2 inch piece
Whole black Pepper – 3 – 4
Water – 2 cups
Palm jaggery or jaggery – 1-2 tsp


Dry roast coriander seeds and black pepper on medium heat until you get an aroma of roasted seeds. Switch off the heat and add the dry ginger and saute in the heat of the pan.

Powder everything once it cools. Our sukku malli coffee podi powder is ready. You can make this in bulk and store it in an air tight container, if needed. I like to make it fresh every time I prepare this coffee.

Early Miscarriage


  • Bring 2 cup of water to boil, add the sukku malli coffee powder and boil on medium heat until it reduces to half the quantity.
  • Add palm jaggery (karupatti or pana vellem) or jaggery to taste. Once it dissolves, remove from heat, filter it and sip it slightly hot.
  • When sick, you can have this coffee 2 or 3 times (1/2 cup) a day until symptom subsides. On other days, you can have it once daily.
  • This dry ginger coffee or chukku kaappi can be given 2 teaspoons every 4 hours for babies above 10 months.
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