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Simple Tips And Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

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Under Eye Wrinkles are common to all peoples and it passing through your hole eyes it makes your eyes so dull. Heavy makeup cause major risk to your eyes and entire skin and most of the skin causes it regular care to under eye wrinkles.

Eyes are a gift to mankind and an asset too. But under-eye wrinkles can ruin even the most beautiful face. Are you worried about the wrinkles under your eyes that make you look aged, even if you are in your bright 20s to 30s?

What could be the reason for these wrinkles? Is it long working hours or lifestyle habits? Or the growing years.It is tough to pin-point one reason, actually.

Natural Facial
Natural Facial

Main Causes Of Under Eye Wrinkles


As you age, wrinkles will start to develop. The under–eye skin becomes dry and thinner over the years, and tends to lose elasticity.

Even ‘Menopause’ is one of the biggest causes of under eye wrinkles. Why? Because of ‘estrogen-reduction’ which ends up affecting collagen and elastin in the skin.


Facial Movements And Expression

Repeating the facial movements many times a day, esp. those that are likely to cause creases on face, can cause wrinkles.

Stretching or molding your face? Frowning, laughing, or squinting? Your skin elasticity is bound to suffer. What will follow is eye wrinkles.

Sun Exposure

Its not possible to stay away from the sun. But reduce your presence under it, esp. during peak hours. Or when you stay in ‘dry’ places (like North and West India), where summers wreck a havoc with your skin.

Sun Exposure
Sun Exposure

Poor Facial Skin Care

Our facial skin is sensitive and precious. Which is why it needs to be pampered and moisturized well – whether it is brutal summer or biting cold-winters.

Moisturizing when skipped shows up in the form of ageing lines and wrinkles on face and under-eyes. Dry-skinned souls develop wrinkles faster than those with oily skin.

Nutritional Habits

Not eating properly or avoiding food? Or going for all possible yummy junk food which fulfills your taste requirements? The damage could show up in the form of ageing lines or wrinkles.

Nutritional Habits
Nutritional Habits


Suffering from long work hours or lack of sleep? Or unwanted pressure from the family, boss, or some nagging old health problems? Your stress levels could get compounded and show up as ageing lines and wrinkles.

Genetics And Hereditary Factors

If your mom and grand-mom stood out for their beauty (at the same time – nagging age lines and wrinkles), chances are your genes have got you those pesky wrinkles under your eyes.

Genetics And Hereditary Factors
Genetics And Hereditary Factors

Castor Oil For Under Eye Wrinkles


  • Firstly, clean your face with face cleanser.
  • Then pat your face dry
  • Swab a cotton ball with rose water or normal water. Dab it over your facial skin
  • Let the toner dry up on your face
  • Pour a drop of Castor oil on your palm of your hand
  • Get your pinkie finger to apply the oil on the under eye area
  • The oil gets absorbed within 5 to 20 minutes

Olive Oil For Under Eye Wrinkles

The under eye skin is one of the most delicate areas of your face. Regular application of olive oil helps prevent moisture-loss (Which is why olive oil is one of the best moisturizers for face and skin). .


  • Melt 1 tsp of beeswax, 1/2 tsp cocoa butter and 3 tsp of olive oil in a microwave
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Now put 2 tsp of rosewater in it
  • Stir it to make a thick paste
  • Apply this paste on the eye wrinkles
  • After a gap of few min, wash it off with water
  • Re-apply it once a day for maximum benefits.

Cucumber For Under Eye Wrinkles

The goodness of cucumber is far more than the salad you love. Cucumber slices help fight out under the eye wrinkles in no time. Cucumber also tackles crow’s feet.


  • Chop a cucumber into thin slices
  • Now put the slices on your eyelids.
  • The cucumber pieces will reduce the wrinkles and puffiness


Follow these above remedies. I hope you all success in these treatment by without using any medicines. Go these natural ways to remove your pimples and under eye circles in natural ways.

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