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How To Bounce Back When Your Friends Tease You?

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Everyone likes to have a big social circle to have a good chat and fun with your friends. It is common that in a group there should be someone whom the whole gang will make fun. If a stranger teases you it is easy to react by shouting at them. If they are your friends you can’t reply to them aggressively or else it will break your relationship with them. Your friends make fun of you and it may hurt your feelings sometimes. But we have to bounce back with them in a right way without being aggressive or passive.

Tips To Bounce Back

Just ignore

Bounce Back

Don’t get mad at your friends when they tease you. If you cry or show your inferiority they will take this as an advantage and will keep on teasing you. Don’t get worried and pretend that you are uninterested about their nasty jokes. Just ignore them and don’t get serious about what they say.

Don’t argue


Don’t get into arguments and defend your position because sometimes it will turn into a fight. Be calm don’t show your anger at the time; may be the taunts are not meant to be mean- spirited. So be cool and keep charm that makes them forget what has been said and will not show any effects in your friendship.

Cool reply


Don’t get short-tempered about their taunts and don’t reply them immediately in an aggressive way. Your reply should not attack the feelings of your friends and you should not take it seriously. Your answer should be cool and funny and should carry them to next talk.

Make it as compliment


bounce back – Think in a positive way when you get teased. Take it as a compliment and make your weakness stay away from you. Make your strengths to sand in front of you. It will make you feel positive and let you smile and laugh and you can move on with no hard feelings.

Know your friend


When your friends taunt you in a really hard way and they came to know that you are badly hurt, they themselves will come to you to say sorry and try to charm you if they are true friends. But when they meant to hurt you, they will not come to you and you should think about your relationship with them. If they tease you once in a mean way, they will not repeat it since they know you will get hurt if they are true friends and you can tell them directly not to tease you in a mean way. If they do repeat the same you should change your friends circle and should know that they are not for you.

Deal with them:


bounce back – Don’t make their taunts as a big deal and forget as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you are the centre of attraction in your circle and your friends are just envious of you. Just go ahead with your life and don’t get discouraged for anything they say and don’t feel sad or serious. Don’t make fun of them back in a passive way as it will ruin your friendship.

It is good to know the bounce back tips to defend back when you get teased by your friends. A good relationship should not break by the silly and funny taunts. Have confidence and a positive spirit to react to the situations to avoid bad effects on your relationship. “Relationship takes years to build and seconds to break”, so know your friends well and react to them in a good way will make your friendship long lasting.

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