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How To Know? If Your Falling Love With Your Best Friend

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crushGirls and boys! I know both gender people know the ultimate difference the friendship and love. We know that there is no chance of being a friend once they falling love with the person, but typically it is possible for any friends to turn into the life partner.

Signs Of Falling Love With Your Best Friend

It seems that companionable friends are everywhere around the world which starts from our babyhood days.


One may not trace out when the feeling of friendship is turned into love with the particular friend, but there are some signs which can make you realize that you are falling love with some guy or the guy having the feeling of more than “just friend” on you. Finally here are some signs for your friendship is turning into love.

When Your Heart Falling LoveWith Your Friend…

Falling Love

Your mind is always looking for his presence

You feel jealous when he out with some other girls

You feel irritate when he talk with some other girls in front of you

You always prefer him when you want to go out

You start to care about your personality more

You start to miss them than usual

You feel more comfortable of them

You expect more compliments from him

You start to think about him always until before you go to your bed and even in your dreams

You’ll start to hate your other significant friends

When a guy falling love with you…

Falling Love

He’ll start to share something more personal

The way of talking will have some changes than normal

He’ll start to talk about his personal and future plans purposely.

His behaviors change as very close to you than other girls

He’ll start to care on you and appearance more than others in the group

He’ll start to call you by pet names

You can feel the changes in physical touch

He’ll start to text or call you at late night

He doesn’t mind (feel bored) about if you two are alone at somewhere

He wants his family member to get know about you.

These are the some top signs which can help you to know that you or your friend is falling love and moving to the next level of friendship called LOVE.

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