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Things To Think Before Accepting A Proposal

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The increasing divorce rates indicate the complications in long term relationship. This will be applicable for both arranged and love marriage. There is an option to avoid this divorce by speaking up with one who is proposing you.

While proposing, both members involved will be at excited state. This excited state can make you say yes to them but if you are realising the fact later will cause certain problems between you and your partner when this problem grows it will be result in divorce. In spite, you can think about certain things before saying yes to the proposal.

Ambition about retirement


You can think this question sounds crazy but the truth is the most of the problem starts from here. You can have a different set of ambition like a second vacation home, spending lot of time in abroad about your retirement. So you should know about the ambition about the retirement of the person proposing to you before accepting that proposal.



The most important topic you definitely should know about before accepting a proposal. You should know about the mindset of the person for below-mentioned questions. If you get the answer for these questions you can compare it with your thoughts and can come to a conclusion.

Financial Situation

Young couple saving for their future life

No matter how uncomfortable the question may be, this should be discussed in depth. You should know about each other’s spending habits, debt, bank accounts and line of credit. This discussion will reveal the answers for the questions like how you live, where you will live and how to raise your children. Depending on that you can come to a decision whether to accept the proposal or not.                                                                                                                   

Sharing the Responsibilities


Sharing your responsibility like helping in households is an important thing to maintain the relationship in good status. You should know about the mindset of the person who proposing you whether he is willing to help you in sharing responsibilities.



You can think this is a less important thing than others, But it could be a reason for the problems. The comparison like the time and money spent before and after marriage will be vary. You should know about how frequent the person wishing to entertain you and your family.

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