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Interact With The World

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Interact With The World

Interaction is the most important thing ever made from human inventions. Ancient humans are not able to interact since they are mutating towards speaking humans. Even though they get interacted to the world through some drawings, arts, sculpt ions etc.


Nothing is a barrier for interaction we have to express our self to the outside world to know everything you want.

Nowadays the habit of interaction becomes less since we are mutated to a digital human. Where all those hand held devices interact with us and human interaction is vanished.

No human live interaction is same as digital interaction. Interaction with bots will never show you a solution indeed a suggestion.


Since all the humans are digitally mutated every individual human has their own scheme of rules for their life. Thus, we couldn’t see a human without a digital device.

Thus, Interaction with other people is more important than anything in the world. Since it is the only thing that survives even after your death.

Most of the evidence from the past centuries are destroyed just because of the avoidance of interaction. Interaction is not just passing information, it is a key that you left behind and your name shall be praised in the future.

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Language may not be a barrier for you, since it evolves from its many forms, and thus you have to attain a state of sharing everything you know, The most of the people hides knowledge just in case of money.

But the truth is no money will come with you on a grave. Think twice before you neglect to share information who really wants it.

You deserve nothing in hiding an information, but you deserve a true heart who really need the information for the survival.

Go out!! Meet different people face different problems, tackle everything you face, live a life what you heart says and interact with the world.

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