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How To Share Wireless Internet Connection With Neighbors

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How To Share Wireless Internet Connection

Some people would like to share their wireless internet connections with neighbors for many reasons like saving money, neighbors might be one of their relative or relative’s friend,  trusted people or some other known person. But sharing the wireless internet connection is possible only when you and your neighbors are live within the close (Particular) distance.


You should have wireless internet setup and security password to protect your connection from other hackers. Once you have a complete setup, then it is reliably easy to share with your trusted neighbors.

It can be done by sharing your wi-fi password to your neighbor if your wi-fi signal is powerful to accessible throughout yours and your neighbor’s home. If there is a powerful signal it’ll be easy for both of you to share wireless internet without harass in future. If you feel that signal of your internet connection is not enough to share, then you better don’t share it with anyone.

Another thing you should think about before share your wireless internet connection with you neighbor is usage or how often your neighbor is going to use your internet. If the accessing rate exceeds there will be a performance hit which affects by paying extra money to internet service provider to fix the problem.

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This issue can be solved once you restart the modem or router, but it might be difficult once your router setup is placed in your neighbor’s home. Like this many issues takes birth if you tried to share your wireless internet connection with neighbors.

In this blog, I didn’t explain how to connect the wireless internet but how to share it with others. More than that I’d said what all the difficulties you would face if you do so. So better don’t share!

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